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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Make A Little Difference.........

  Hi There....

  How's life?

  Eerlier we discussed the benefits of meditation in our daily routine.

  Before getting deep down in the realm of Dhyan & Yoga.

  Here are some simple relaxing techniques...

 Hope you will follow....

ADOPT a habit of breathing deeply. In order to function properly,
our brain needs three times more oxygen than the rest of our organs.

LEARN to empty your mind of all thoughts and worries.
This is could be easier said than done,but it will become
easier with time and practice.

WHEN u feel your mind is cleared from the clutter, try to concentrate
on your toes.

CONCENTRATE on relaxing and visualise tension draining out of them.

DO it with your other body can start with feet and end up
with your face.

WITH this you can play a MANTRA, it can be simple ''OM''.
It's positive vibe will creat a whole positive aura around you.
You can feel the divinity within you.

        It's effectiveness depends on how much time you devote to this
exercise and how regular you perform this. Well...i suggest be regular
with this and make a difference in your day!

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