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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Key To Success

We all want to be successful in our lives.WE all want

to be an achiever.Different people have different

interpretations of success.It ranges from materialistic

success to spiritual success.From owning the fastest car

to attainting the self,from getting the person of our

choice to setting our own business....We all want success.

Now the question arises how to become successful in our endeavours.

There can be many ingredients in the reciepe of success such as

motivation,focus,hard work,endurance and patience.

But at times even after possesing all these,we don't succeed

and often fall in to state of depression and we give up never to make

further attempts.What's the reason of failure or rather not achieving

the certain level we set up for ourselves or the object of pursuit.

Do we ever realise that what we are strieving to achieve is truly

we wished for ourselves? Now here lies the truth,which comes to us

as revelation that this is not us.We are fighting someone els's battle

Sometimes of our parents, of our relatives,of our siblings or peers.

Here comes lack of acceptence of our own self in our life.

We most of the time don't accept who we truly are because of

external pressures,that builds up an ideal image of success.

And that way, we start to creat a fiction about ourselves.

If somebody has always seen himself creating music but unfortunately

forced to pursue some other thing,and expected being successful

at that as well, he'll never be successful because his heart lies

somewhere else.

For being an achiever we need to learn acceptence in our

lives with a desire to explore our true interest.So be honest

with yourself because key to success is acceptence that leads to

inner security and peace.

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