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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Be A Kid.....Once Again.....

Think of a kid playing football in the rain.

Splash,Splash,Splash....a heartfelt joy visible on his face.

His screams of carefree joy can make one's heart envy.

Why we cant enjoy the little things of life and nature

and feel blessed.We all are so wrapped up in our worldly

pursuits that we have almost lost our inner child and

the power to creat as well.Creativity is not planned.

It's a flow of positive energy that comes naturally

to an open and receptive mind and a trusting heart.

A child possess all these.We are so busy in our mundane

affairs.The pressures of practical life has almost bogged

down our free spirits.

But it's never too late.We can still be a child again

and see the world with new eyes.We just need to shed the

inhibitions and let the inspiration of freeness of soul come

inside,but space must first be cleared for it.This can be done

only through freeing our mind of clutter.Only then we'll be

able to feel the rythm of life.

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