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Saturday, January 23, 2010

......Faith...Of What...???

Hi Friends....

I just came across with sometning that made me question

about our religious faiths

and ways to connect to the supreme power.This is not just about a middle class

hindu family,we all,somewhere do this...BRIBING THE GOD...

In adolescence for getting pass marks in exams,for getting a new

bike,getting a brand new hot girlfriend...then for job...marriage

then kids...through out our life we only bribe the GOD to get our

things done.We name it as our FAITH...A faith of things getting done

by someone we haven't seen or heard...The supreme power.

Mostly this is how a common middle class family runs..when we are adolescent, we

just follow the norms..when we grow up,we are free to

form and maintain our perspective.what i believe is PUJA,visiting TEMPLES,

HAVANS, and all KARMKAAND is a way to self regulation.when i pray i dont ask god to

fullfil my wishes…i try to sort of feel the positive energy at that time.I try to

connect the supreme power to enlighten the power within me.

this is more spiritual way to find and connect with the power.this is not the

question of seeing or hearing him.he is the supreme positive energy…and engeries

are felt not been seen or heard.

This is time i am not going to suggest anything...something i always do.

I just express my way of being religious and spiritual.

It's entirely up to you to choose your way.

Take Care!

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