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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Solutions Are There..........

We often are seen muttering words like 'life has been

unfair to us','this is not we wanted from our lives'

or this is not we aimed for...and blah blah...

Here we need to stop that muttering and take rest

for a moment to ponder over what we'v got instead of

what we could have achieved or wanted to achieve.

Life has a habit of falling in to patterns which we

often tend to neglect.This happen more because of our

repetitive patterns of behaviour.If we really take out

some time from the fabricated world of fragile egos,

and idiotic brilliance, to introspect,We shall find

that most of these situations arises because of our

own ignorance of our own selves.Once a crisis arises

We panic, and behave in a certain way,When that is

managed, and arises that very or similar to that situation,

again,We often dont seem to be having learnt from the

very first situation and falls in to clutches of repetitive

behaviour and end up in saying, 'life has been unfair to us.'

If we have a closer look, often problems come with it's

solution behind.We just need to take a few step ahead and take

a closer look.The solution is always there.....

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